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August 7, 2018

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Let the Stayzon Antimicrobial Treatment revolutionise the inside of your car

October 9, 2018

What’s the difference between a toilet seat and steering wheel? 

We hate to break it to you, but studies have shown that the steering wheel of your car is likely to contain more bacteria on it than the underneath of your toilet seat. In fact, your steering wheel can contain over 700 different types of bacteria per square inch, in comparison to a public toilet seat, which roughly harbours around 80 types across the entire surface area.


Eww, It’s not a Dunny!

Our cars get used every day, taking us from A to B. We sit in traffic and many of us who use our cars a lot, have have a regular flow of traffic inside the car too. We eat and drink in our cars, visiting public places and using public facilities where we may not find the opportunity to wash our hands regularly.


When you combine the above with the fact that your car is a confined space, getting used just as much as a toilet but not cleaned as regularly, you can begin to understand why our cars become an adventure playground for germs and bacteria.


Visual beings

Who’d have guessed it? Humans have a tendency to judge a situation by the way it looks. We can all rela



te to the public restroom heebie jeebies! Assuming as it looks dirty, it will be a risk, so we take extra precautions to wipe down the seat or lay toilet paper down.


When we jump in our car, we bring the outdoors in. We often multitask, some of us have kids and pets on board, bringing an ongoing flow of dirt and grime in to the car. As surfaces are left unsanitised, layers begin to build, and when the sun cracks out, the car heats up inside making the car the perfect breeding ground. It only takes around 30 minutes at 30 degrees for bacteria to double!


Our minds often neglect to consider the main reasons why our car interiors are usually dark in colour. If we can’t see the dirt, it generally is left to fester and build. We are also prone to assuming that our ‘personal space’ will not be as much of a risk than a visit to a busy public restroom.


Process of elimination

Creating a monthly or weekly routine to keep your car fresh is a very simple way to protect yourself and your loved ones from getting sick or spreading germs. Just a quick wipe down with an antibacterial solution will help minimise build up. Avoid eating and drinking in the car when possible and if you must, keep a bottle of Stayzon Skin hand sanitiser at the ready. :)


Invest in a once yearly Stayzon Antimicrobial treatment, you won’t regret it. - To kill harmful bacteria lurking in your car, Stayzon’s automotive interior treatment is a breath of fresh air… literally.


Stayzon’s non-toxic, revolutionary interior treatment covers all surfaces inside your car with a protective bond which provides continuous protection, day after day, even after washing and cleaning the inside of your car.


It is a fabulous way to ensure peace of mind, protecting you and your passengers from everyday nasties and possible infestations inside the comfort of your car. Making it look fresh, smell, fresh, feel fresh. Motoring magic!


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