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How do you keep your car cool in a heatwave?

August 7, 2018

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How do you keep your car cool in a heatwave?

August 7, 2018

Is there anything worse than getting into a furiously hot car after a long day at work?


It is something people across Europe are all too familiar with being currently in the grip of a heatwave and temperatures sitting well above 30C.


With reports of even some roads melting in the prolonged heat, you may think there is nothing you can do about your car’s burning seats and oppressive conditions. But there are steps you can take to look after you, and your car’s interior to keep it cool and prevent damage.


1. Cover your seats and park away from the sun.


It may seem obvious, and indeed in some cases it may not be an option available, but parking out of direct sunlight will vastly reduce the temperature inside your car. Covering your seats will also take care of some of that unnecessary heat you will be dreading to discover when you get in.


2. Use a wipe on hot surfaces.


Nobody likes a burning hot steering wheel, especially when you need to get the car moving to generate much-needed cool air. Using a wet cloth will take away that initial extreme heat and mean you are back on the road faster.


3. Look after your air con.


The majority of us now will not buy a car without air conditioning and in this heat it is easy to see why. To make the most of it, use the bottom blowers first to cool down your vehicle and switch the vents to using re-circulated air once your car is starting to get cool enough. And make sure it is maintained regularly to ensure it is doing its job. If you don’t yet have air conditioning make sure you keep your windows down to make the most of what breeze there is when driving.


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