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How do you keep your car cool in a heatwave?

August 7, 2018

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The future of car dealerships is changing

July 3, 2018

For years they have been number one when replacing or buying your next car. And while customers are using the internet more and more to discover their next vehicle, trusted dealerships are still the number one place to go.


That doesn’t mean their position is completely safe, though.


All industries are changing to keep their offering fresh and relevant. Car dealerships are no different, with each looking for a new way to add value and bring people to their doors.


Gap insurance, paintwork protection and extended warranties have all made the grade.

But while car cleaning has been present, it has taken much of a back seat.


This has arguably been down to a lack of need from customers. For years, consumers have readily accepted their homes carry harmful germs and need to be cleaned thoroughly and often. Yet they have been happy to go about in a bacteria-ridden car, eating a quick lunch in it and sitting their children in the back.


The more car owners come to realise how much time they spend in their vehicles, the more they recognise the need to eliminate the harmful bacteria growing there. Cars are finally becoming an extension of our home environment.


Now is the time to act.



Stayzon Antimicrobial Shield is an effective and innovative treatment which can be carried out during a yearly service, taking the responsibility off the busy consumer, and giving an instant, stress free solution to the problem.


Not only will it provide a vital service for car owners, it will add significant value to dealerships, offering a necessary and hassle-free service they can use to their advantage. It is an add-on experience customers will request again and again.

Stayzon Surface and Air is an pioneering solution to a slowly-dawning problem in the mind of car owners.


Our vehicles are our pride and joy. It is time we offered the best to keep them that way for the years to come.


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